Axe Roofing is a local roofing contractor specializing in top-of-the-line residential and commercial roof repairs, replacements, and installations across the Denver-Boulder area. In addition, we can help you navigate the insurance claims process to get you the best roof repairs possible. 

Our roofing company has SELECT ShingleMaster status and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We always show up on time, never quit any job we start, and if something goes wrong, we’ll fix it. So contact Axe Roofing for all your roofing needs today! 

Boulder Roof Repairs: The Axe Roofing Way

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Most roofing contractors will give quotes for total replacement, even if your roof only needs a minor repair. At Axe Roofing, we are committed to doing things honestly and ethically, which means our experienced team will always perform a thorough and honest assessment of your roof.  

Our inspections are always free of charge. We’ll gladly take care of minor patch jobs if that’s all your roof requires! Our roofing professionals are highly trained and skilled, able to provide all types of roofing repairs with expertise and precision. We’ll also protect your investment with a five-year workmanship warranty.

When your roof is damaged, you can count on Axe Roofing to provide trusted and skilled roof repairs.

Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair

You rely on your roof to keep you dry, warm, and safe, so if it gets damaged, it’s essential to repair it immediately. There are many possible causes for roof damage, including wild animals, leaking gutters, strong wind, and numerous others! Here is a list of things to look for if you think your roof is damaged.

Curling, Buckling, or Missing Shingles

Poor ventilation in your attic can cause moisture to become trapped under your roof, resulting in curling and buckling asphalt shingles. This makes them more vulnerable to being blown off in strong winds or knocked off by hail or falling branches.

Cracking, Loosening, or Damage Around Chimney or Other Vent Pipes

You may have bad flashing if you notice roof damage near your chimney or other vent pipes. Flashing is a metal meant to form a waterproof seal, preventing moisture from penetrating the roof. Unfortunately, roof installations can have misaligned flashing, which causes leaks.

Any Dark Streaks or Discoloration on Shingles

If you see black streaks on your roof, that’s hardy algae that feeds on the limestone in your shingles. The discoloration you see is a dark, hardened outer coating the algae forms as it accumulates.

Wet-Looking Shingles That Don’t Dry

This is another type of discoloration brought about by limestone-eating algae. These algae will weaken your shingles if not addressed, further damaging your roof.

Shingle Damage from Hail or Thunderstorms

Colorado is one the most hailstorm-prone states in the US. Over the last decade, hail has caused over five billion dollars of insured damage. Heavy snow, severe thunderstorms, and tornados can also result in damage to your roof.

Shingle Granules in Your Gutters

Granules will often wash off your roof with rain or snow if you have asphalt shingles. Ordinarily, this isn’t a big issue, but if the granules build up, they can cause the gutters to leak and damage your roof.

Leaks, Staining, or Bubbles in Your Ceiling

If water drops from your ceiling after a storm, that’s a leak. Meanwhile, stains forming on your ceiling are a more subtle sign that your roof is leaking and the water hasn’t made it through yet. Likewise, if you see what looks to be a bubble in your ceiling after a storm, that’s a sign of severe water buildup, and your roof is at risk of collapsing at that point.

Sudden Increase in Energy Bills

Your roof plays a vital function in keeping a comfortable temperature in your house. If there’s a leak in the ceiling, climate-controlled air can flow out of that leak and cause your central heating and air to turn on more often to compensate, raising your energy bills.

It’s Better to Repair Your Roof Sooner Rather Than Later

Any damage to your roof leaves it vulnerable to further deterioration in the next storm. It’s crucial to fix your roof problems as soon as possible, so you don’t incur additional costs later on. 

Colorado weather is tough on roofs, so don’t let damage snowball. We provide roof repairs Boulder homeowners trust. Give Axe Roofing a call if you need top-of-the-line roof repairs with stellar customer service!

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