The variety of weather conditions in Denver wreak havoc on residential and commercial roofs every year. Axe Roofing is a locally-owned company that understands the unique needs of roofs in the Denver area. We proudly provide customized, high-quality roofing built to protect what’s under it, regardless of the weather outside. 

Our staff includes qualified experts with a variety of designations, credentials, and ratings. They use their experience to install several roofing products on all types of roofs. 

Why Axe Roofing?

Axe Roofing offers exceptional service to residential and commercial customers in the Denver area. The benefits of choosing the experts at Axe Roofing include:

  • Highly-qualified and trained roofing professionals: Our knowledgeable and well-trained staff has experience working on a variety of roofs while using several durable and weather-resistant materials. 
  • Assistance with roof insurance claims: We can assist customers who need help filing roof insurance claims so that the entire process can be settled as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Five-year workmanship warranty: Axe Roofing stands behind our inspections, repairs, and replacement services with a five-year warranty. 
  • Locally-owned and operated: Axe Roofing is locally-owned and operated by experts who understand the unique needs of people living in the Denver-Boulder area. 
  • SELECT ShingleMaster Certified: Our company is proud to have top-level CertainTeed roofing credentials, like the SELECT ShingleMaster certification, to prove we have the skills and know-how to provide excellent, high-quality, and knowledgeable roofing services. 

Denver Roofing Services

Our Denver roofing services include new roof installations and inspections, repairs, and replacements. Our roofers inspect roofs to look for leaks and signs of mold, mildew, or algae. 

Once our roofers determine the problem with your roof, they will work with you to choose the next step. Our certified roofers can provide quick repairs to protect your home, family, and belongings. 

If your roof has extensive damage beyond repair, Axe Roofing experts can replace your roof. We also provide roofing upgrades. We work closely with you to make the process stress-free and efficient from start to finish. 

Denver Roofing Repair

If your roof is old or has damage from mold or algae or hailstorms, the experienced roofers at Axe Roofing are ready to help. Axe Roofing provides free inspections to assess your roof’s damage and estimate the cost and timeline for repairs. Whenever you suspect that your roof is damaged, we recommend calling us for a free inspection. Waiting too long to fix a damaged roof can exacerbate the problem and require more intensive roof repairs over time.

Denver storms frequently cause damage to residential and commercial buildings. The roof is the first line of defense to protect your home or office’s interior from the elements. Scheduling a roof inspection after every severe weather event gives you the necessary information to make the best choices about roof repairs and replacements. Plus, we can help you file your insurance claim if you do end up needing repairs.

Roofing Installation and Replacement in Denver

Axe Roofing offers exceptional roofing installation and replacement services for residential and commercial customers in and around Denver. 

Homeowners often need new or replacement roofs for a variety of reasons. Axe Roofing provides new roofs for new construction. Our locally-owned company also installs new roofs on pre-existing homes, especially after the old roof is damaged by severe weather, old age, mold, or algae growth. 

If you do need a new roof, we can help you choose the best materials for your new roof, whether you choose asphalt, tile, slate, wood or metal shakes, or synthetic roofing systems. 

No matter your roofing needs, our roofers get the job done right so you don’t have to think twice about your roof. 

Roofing Repair vs. Replacement

Axe Roofing experts can help you determine when your roof is too damaged or too old to be repaired effectively. Our roofers will help you understand how you can save money with repairs and when the time is right for roofing replacements. 

Roof Certification in Denver

Axe Roofing provides roof certification for homes and offices in Denver. This service protects the warranty and assists realtors with home inspections, providing information about the condition and lifespan of the roof before the property changes hands. Roof certifications also give homeowners peace of mind that they have a solid roof above their heads in their new homes

During the home purchasing process, our roofers visit the home for sale to inspect and certify the roof for the new owners. Depending on the results, the inspection and certification add five years to the roof warranty. The only way the roof can receive an extended warranty is if the roof has respectable structural integrity. 

Reach Out Today for Denver Roofing Services

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