Home Roof Inspection in Broomfield, CO

Are you a homebuyer or home seller looking for a company that’s well-versed in providing residential roof certifications? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Axe Roofing is a locally owned and operated business that has extensive experience providing roof inspections and certifications for all types of residential properties.

What is a Roof Certification?

This certification is provided during the home purchasing process. We will go to the home, perform a thorough roof inspection, and then certify that the roof can be under warranty for a specific amount of time, for example, another five years. If during this inspection we need to make any roof repairs, we’ll be able to complete those, and then still provide a certification for the roof after we’ve deemed the roof is back to respectable structural integrity.

What are the Benefits of a Roof Certification?

Two roofers wearing red construction hats repair a gray roof in Denver

People receive roof certifications for a variety of reasons; overall, it’s to give the homebuyer peace of mind and to help the seller sell their home. A roof inspection and certification provides a detailed report on the exact condition of the roof at the time of sale, as well as certifies its remaining life expectancy. This allows the seller and buyer to be aware of any repairs needed and makes the home buying process more transparent.

To learn more about roof certifications and any of the other services we provide, contact Axe Roofing today. We are a locally owned and operated specialty contractor and proud to serve homeowners in Broomfield and throughout the surrounding areas.

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