Severe weather conditions ruin residential and commercial roofs every year in Colorado. At Axe Roofing, we aim to make a roof repair or replacement as seamless and efficient as possible. Our staff includes highly-skilled experts that use the latest installation techniques to deliver a quality roof to your residence or business. 

Our headquarters is in Broomfield, and we gladly serve homeowners in Boulder and throughout the Denver metro area. As a locally owned and operated roofing company, we take pride in providing our community with optimal performance for every project we begin. Rest assured that we do everything in our power to make it a good thing that our reputation precedes us. 

Why Axe Roofing?

Why should you choose our knowledgeable team to install, replace, or inspect your roof?

Axe Roofing is a specialty contractor focusing on premier roofing services for residential properties

We have an ethical and honest practice that hinges on full transparency from start to finish. We offer financing options, assist with filing insurance claims, and ensure you get the roof you want using the best materials available. 

Our reliability as a roofing contractor includes the following credentials and accolades:

  • SELECT ShingleMaster (SSM): This roofing credential signifies that Axe Roofing has aspired to and obtained the highest standards of quality, excellence, and knowledge related to shingles and the roofing industry. 
  • Owens Corning Preferred Contractor: We are a part of a dedicated network of roofing professionals that have checked all the boxes for providing reliable and professional services. 
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ Rating: Axe Roofing has earned the highest rating possible from the BBB, an accredited bureau that features the highlights and shortcomings of a business. We’re proud to say that customer satisfaction is a standout feature of our company. 

With AXE, you’ll receive punctual, professional, and personable technicians at your service. So, we suppose the better question is, why WOULDN’T you choose Axe Roofing?

Areas We Serve 

Being in Broomfield allows us to serve two of Colorado’s most significant metro areas: Denver and Boulder. Broomfield is midway between downtown Denver and Boulder, accessible from U.S. Route 36. It’s just a short 25-minute ride for us to reach the residents of these cities and begin work on their new roofs.

Our Roofing Services

As stressful as it may seem, our objective is to provide a solution to your roofing needs quickly and affordably. 

As a leader in the roofing industry here in Boulder and the surrounding areas, here are some of the services that we can provide for your roofing project:

  • Roof Replacement: If you require a new roofing system or to replace a section or all of your roof, we’re here to help. We can quickly and safely remove your current roof, communicate with you to determine what type of roof will work best for your situation, and start working immediately. 
  • Roof Repair: You can depend on us to always assist you with roofing repairs. As residents, we fully understand the dangers and damage caused to many homes and businesses due to hailstorms that often plague Boulder and the surrounding Denver metro areas. We have swift and affordable solutions to help you get back on track. 
  • Roof Inspection: Should you have any questions about whether there are problems with your roof, give us a call so we can inspect it and check the condition of the roof. It’s best not to wait until your roof sustains significant damage before replacing or repairing it; prevention is always the best preservation method. 

Why You Need a Roofer You Can Trust in Colorado

Unfortunately, Colorado has unique and severe weather events yearly involving hail. These situations result in property owners paying thousands of dollars in damages. On average, extreme weather problems cost $20 billion annually in the United States. 

The damage can be immense, whether a large hail event or large amounts of small hailstones. Densely-packed suburban populations and climate change have become a headache for homeowners in The Centennial State. 

In 2017, Colorado went through an intense hailstorm that ravaged the Denver area and caused more than two billion dollars in damages. Every year, this sort of damage is a threat that roofing contractors must be able to tackle. 

The most destructive hailstorms occur between mid-April to mid-September, and homeowners can expect three to four disastrous hail events each year. 

That will, unfortunately, mean that up to half of your homeowner’s insurance premium can be taken up by hail and wind damages; that goes for your car, too, if you have this type of coverage (which is highly recommended). 

Trust Us For All Your Roofing Needs

Axe Roofing is your one-stop shop for roofing needs if you reside in and around Denver or Boulder. Contact us today. We’ll help you find the best solution for your home or business.