The largest exterior surface on a typical multi-family property is the roof, usually making up 60% of the entire exterior surface. Roofing is frequently the most expensive single trade improvement to a multi-family property and is completed for a variety of reasons. No matter what the cause of a roof replacement, one thing is certain, it’s a large investment in your property and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Axe Roofing has dedicated our entire business to focusing on this single aspect for HOA’s and apartment communities. We realize that many factors effect a decision of this size and strive to offer a multitude of options and a level of expertise owners, managers and boards can rely on.

Once a roofing solution is found for a property through understanding our clients goals, our focus turns to professional execution. In order to re-roof a multi resident property many factors must be considered. We take time to understand the individual property’s concerns, challenges and expectations. Once we have a thorough understanding of our clients needs we turn to our past experience of projects to implement a construction plan specifically for your project. No two re- roof projects are the same. It pays to utilize a roofing contractor that wants to maintain your business long term.

Steep Slope Roof Replacement

Low Slope Roof Replacement

We make selecting your roof warranty simple.