Tesla Solar Roofs: What Are They & Are They Worth It?

When it comes to roofing, there are an unimaginable number of options you can choose. Much of it comes down to what kind of aesthetic you like. However, you may not have realized that Tesla offers roofs of their own, and they have a few different styles. The Tesla Solar Roofs offer both a beautiful roof and a fully integrated solar and storage system. Learn more on what the Tesla Solar Roof is, and which option may be right for your home or business. We discuss:

What is Tesla Solar Roofs?

You are probably familiar with solar panels as they have been around for quite some time now. A Tesla Solar Roof does essentially the same thing while looking more like a standard roof. The solar roof is the only roof on the market that can pay for itself by the energy it produces. It allows you to power your home at the lowest price per watt of any national provider. This will allow you to take control of your electricity bill.

Types of Roofs Tesla Offers

Tesla offers four different types of roofs, including Smooth Glass Tile Roof, Tuscan Glass Tile Roof, Slate Glass Tile Roof, and Textured Glass Tile Roof.

  • Smooth Glass Tile Roof
    If you are looking for a roof design to complement your modern home, the Smooth Glass Tile Roof is a great option for you. It is a straightforward, clean-cut design that will go well with contemporary homes. Of course, this design is not the best fit for all houses, but higher-end designs that have come out in the last few years will benefit from it.

  • Tuscan Glass Tile Roof
    The Tuscan Glass Tile Roof design is more often seen in European-style homes. This roof design goes all the way back to Greek and Roman times, so the roof’s architecture is tried and tested. These roof tiles come in reddish-orange and brown hues and are wavy rather than flat.

  • Slate Glass Tile Roof
    Slate is a common roof type that is used in many places. It has been sought after for quite some time, and Elon Musk has done a great job recreating the slate look for a solar roof. This roof looks pretty similar to a standard slate roof, so if you have a slate roof, you won’t necessarily notice a huge difference in the aesthetic.

  • Textured Glass Tile Roof
    Textured roofing is not new to the roofing game either. This style of roofing has been traced back thousands of years. This tile was extremely popular all the way until smooth and glazed tiles became popular. Nowadays, you typically will find textured tiles on very old homes or historic buildings. This means that any historic buildings or old homes will likely choose this style if they ever go to solar roofing.

Tesla Solar Roofs Compared to Traditional Roofs

Tesla Solar Roofs and standard roofs have some similarities and many differences.

  • Similarities
    A Tesla Solar Roof will protect your home the same way a standard roof will. It will keep the rain and snow out and keep you protected from the elements. The aesthetics of a Tesla Solar Roof are also fairly similar to those of standard roofs. Tesla is offering four different roof styles, and they are all close in style to roof designs that already exist.

  • Differences
    There are also many differences from a standard roof to a Tesla Solar Roof. Here is a list of all the things a Tesla Solar Roof does that a standard roof does not:
  • It pays for itself over time with energy savings.
    • Tiles are 3x stronger than traditional roof tiles, making them more durable.
    • Trusted installers have together installed the equivalent of ten million solar panels.
    • Tesla uses aerial imagery and 3D modeling to determine custom design.
    • It can produce a lot of energy even if your roof has complicated angles and only sees sunlight intermittently.
    • Monitor your energy usage through the Tesla app.
    • Control your system from anywhere and get instant alerts to your device.
    • It comes with Powerwall, which is a compact home battery. It will store all the energy you are producing with your Solar Roof, which means that energy will be available at any time. This could be used during a particularly cloudy day, at night, or during a power outage.

Is a Tesla Roof Worth it?

Whether or not a Tesla Roof is worth it for you depends on multiple factors. If you are in the process of getting a new roof, it is worth looking into. Also, if your home is using a lot of electrical energy, you may consider getting a Tesla Solar Roof. While the price can be intimidating, the amount of money you can save over time helps ease the sting. Another benefit of the Tesla Solar Roof is that it offers a 25-year warranty. So, if anything is to happen to your roof, it is covered for quite a while.

A Tesla Solar Roof is probably not for you if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You have just recently bought a roof that still has plenty of life left
  • You don’t like any of the roof designs Tesla created
  • Your energy usage is low, and you won’t benefit from the solar energy

How Axe Roofing Can Help

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