F-Wave Shingles: What Are They & Are They Worth It?

Finding the perfect material for your roof doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, selecting the right roof material can be complex, as a variety of factors need to be considered, such as your budget, the local weather, and your aesthetic preferences.

In Colorado, for instance, it’s important to choose a roof that can withstand periodic hailstorms and harsh winters, which means that a good roof should be strong and durable in addition to looking great. With so many criteria to consider, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

The good news is that there are many great roofing options available for a wide variety of roofs, including F-Wave shingles. An extremely durable option perfect for homes that are often subjected to extreme weather conditions, F-Wave shingles are high-quality, impact-resistant shingles that can keep your roof performing its best even under harsh conditions. Intrigued?

Keep reading to learn more about F-Wave shingles and why they might just be the right choice for your home.

What Are F-Wave Synthetic Roof Shingles?

F-Wave shingles are synthetic shingles that are designed to withstand… well, pretty much anything. Not only are they designed to have a Class IV impact rating, making them well-equipped for hailstorms, but they also have a Class A fire rating and can handle winds of up to 130 miles per hour. While traditional laminated shingles can delaminate, crack, and become blown away by high winds over time, F-Wave shingles are designed to resist impacts and wind and are engineered to never delaminate or crumble.

In addition to being designed for durability, longevity, and easy installation, F-Wave shingles are also available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and blends, thus making it easy to get a roof that looks exactly how you like it. And because F-Wave shingles won’t break down and release granules over time, like traditional shingles do, they will also help your roof look its best for as long as possible.

The bottom line? F-Wave shingles are a smart choice for anyone who values durability and protection as much as they want to have a beautiful roof that doesn’t require a ton of maintenance. 

Who Makes F-Wave Shingles?

F-Wave shingles are produced by F-Wave, a company that’s been making high-quality shingles for years. The founders of F-Wave were inspired to begin manufacturing their shingles in order to address the issues commonly found with traditional asphalt shingles, such as their low wind and impact resistance, poor construction and engineering, and lack of adequate fire and UV ray protection.

Today, F-Wave’s REVIA synthetic roofing shingles provide high-quality engineering, design, and protection to homes that need it the most. Their shingles are also backed by an extensive 50-year warranty (more on this later), which means that F-Wave is proud to stand by the quality of their work.

How Much Do F-Wave Shingles Cost?

F-Wave shingles are an affordable option when it comes to roof options. For example, F-Wave shingles are less expensive than real slate roofing tiles, which can cost between $12 and $25 per square foot when including installation.

Additionally, because of their durability, they are relatively low maintenance, which will save money on costly service calls for repairs. The other great thing is that individual shingles can be replaced if needed, allowing minor repair to be performed.

Finally, because they’re durable and long-lasting, they can increase the resale value of a given home, making them a great long-term investment. Overall, F-Wave shingles are not only surprisingly affordable — they also offer homeowners and business owners a great return on investment.

Are F-Wave Shingles Worth It?

For the right homeowners, F-Wave shingles are absolutely worth it. Their Class A fire rating, Class IV impact rating, and 130-mph wind warranty make them a safe choice for anyone looking for protection from hail, harsh weather, and fire. F-Wave shingles are also lightweight and available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

And because they’re resistant to UV rays and weathering and feature smart, thoughtful design, they’ll last longer than traditional shingles and won’t blow away or begin to break down, making them a low-maintenance option that won’t cost more over time.

On top of that, they generate less heat than an asphalt shingle, which means the home’s interior temperature would be lower. They’re also “self-healing” since they are a polymer composite, so that when left out in the sun (which most roofs are) that minor scratches or dents will blend back together.

Finally, they’re also protected by a 50-year warranty that offers superior protection — meaning that you don’t need to lose sleep worrying about your roof during even the harshest storms.

What Does The F-Wave Shingles Warranty Include? 

F-Wave shingles come with a 50-Year WeatherForce Advantage Warranty, which covers color fading, algae, and wind damage. It also includes a Class 4 hail warranty and a 130-mph wind warranty, as well as exclusive 5-year hail coverage, making it one of the only roof coverings available today that offers a hail warranty.

This type of warranty is unheard of in roofing, especially since no other manufacturer that we’re aware of does this. Other manufacturers have hail resistance shingles, but F-Wave really backs their product by offering this.

Overall, the F-Wave warranty is designed to help homeowners to keep their roof looking and performing its best for as long as possible. With the F-Wave warranty, together with our 5-year workmanship warranty, your roof should be completely covered by five years!

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