How Long Does a Roof Last in Colorado?

The value of your home is heavily dependent on the type, quality, and longevity of your roof. Sometimes design also plays a crucial role in a home’s overall value since it enhances its aesthetics. However, the type of your roof, the material used, workmanship, among other factors, determine how long it will stand. Here are some […]

Axe Roofing Awards Free Roof to Local Senior

“Building it Forward” campaign winner received $15,000 worth of home improvements We gave back to our local community in a big way – by giving one lucky homeowner-in-need a brand-new free roof. We ran our “Building It Forward” campaign over the summer and received more than 60 nominations of residents who were in need of […]

How Do Roof Insurance Claims Work in Colorado?

When it comes to residential roof insurance claims in Colorado, the process can oftentimes be confusing and lengthy. If it’s not bad enough that you have to deal with damage to your home that can lead to rainwater leaking through the ceiling and all kinds of other problems… you also have to figure out how […]