Upgrade Your Broomfield, CO, Home With an Asphalt Roof

Asphalt Roof Broomfield CO

Asphalt roofs continue to be the most popular roofing option among homeowners, and for many good reasons. As technology advances, asphalt shingles have been designed to withstand high wind speeds and harsh weather conditions, while still maintaining their color and beautifying your home. Not to mention, there are endless shingle options to choose from nowadays, offering a virtually limitless array of possibilities. If you’re interested in replacing your roof with a new asphalt upgrade or simply need repairs to your existing shingles, then turn to Axe Roofing.

As one of the leading roofing companies serving Broomfield, Colorado, homeowners, we’re happy to help you out with your roof needs. We can perform:


Whether you already have an asphalt roof and are simply updating it or you’re completely replacing another style, Axe Roofing has the expertise to provide you with a proper installation. We can collaborate practically any manufacturer you have in mind for your new asphalt roof, but popular names we frequently work with include Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and GAF. No matter which roofing system you select for your home, we will include five no-cost upgrades:

  • A synthetic underlayment
  • An ice and water shield
  • Completely new pipe jacks
  • Metal flashing that is pre-painted to match your roof
  • Proper ventilation


If you have an asphalt roof already on your home, there’s the possibility of shingles coming loose or falling off throughout the years. Should your roof need a little TLC, or if it has become damaged from inclement weather like a hailstorm, Axe Roofing can expertly repair it. We’ll match the repaired spot to the rest of your roof so that it blends seamlessly.

Contact Axe Roofing today to explore our selection of asphalt roof systems. We proudly serve homeowners in Broomfield, CO, and nearby areas.