Top Signs Indicating You May Need to Repair the Roof of Your Home or Business in Lafayette, CO

Roof Repair Lafayette COIt’s natural for the roof of your home or business to show signs of age; however, some damages may require a more in-depth service, such as a roof repair. When you reach out to Axe Roofing, not only can we come to your property and examine your roof for possible problems, but we’ll also perform repairs that will seamlessly match the rest of your existing roof. We’ve performed a number of roofing services to residential, commercial, and multifamily properties in the Lafayette, Colorado, area, and we’re happy to help you return your roof to working order.

There are a variety of reasons you could need your roof repaired, but some of the most common signs are:

  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Algae growth or wet spots
  • Clogged gutters
  • A small leak in your attic

If you notice any of these issues yourself, you’ll want to contact us as soon as possible. We can come out to your home or business to further inspect these problems and determine which kind of roofing system to use when repairing them. By working with a number of industry-leading manufacturers, we’re able to offer a variety of different roofing systems, including:

  • Metal
  • Shingle
  • Synthetic
  • Slate
  • Tile
  • Wood shake

Damage from Severe Weather

If your roof has suffered damages from inclement weather, such as a hailstorm, then Axe Roofing can happily assist you with filing an insurance claim. We want to make sure you receive the coverage you deserve and will do as much as we legally can to ensure that you do.

If you’re unsure whether or not your home or business is in need of roof repair services, contact Axe Roofing and we’ll be happy to come out to your Lafayette property and perform a detailed inspection.