Roof Insurance Claim Assistance

Each year, thousands of properties across the Colorado front range are damaged by severe weather such as wind and hail. Damages can range from moderate to severe, obvious or hidden. When a weather event damages your home or business, it’s important to take the correct steps to ensure that any damage is identified, documented and repaired correctly. Axe Roofing helps guide property owners through the confusing insurance claim process from start to finish. 


Step 1. Axe Roofing pulls weather data to see if and when the property was damaged 

Step 2. Axe Roofing representative completes a thorough inspection and documents damage 

Step 3. Insurance claim is called in and an inspection date with an adjuster is scheduled 

Step 4. Axe Roofing meets with Adjuster to review damage and determine the scope of repairs 

Step 5. Axe Roofing estimate submitted per the Adjusters scope of work for approval 

Step 6. Final product selections made, estimate approved, project scheduled 

Step 7. All work and final clean up completed and signed off by property owner as satisfactory 

Step 8. Final invoice submitted to insurance company on behalf of the property owner


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